The Dead Comic

Dark Side of Technology

The Dead Comic - Dark Side of Technology

Issue 1

Issue 1 ( IN STORES NOW )

Most of Britain has fallen to an invasion of zombies. There is no
escape from their insatiable appetite for living flesh.
But in Oxford, city of the dreaming spires, an unlikely alliance
between a crew of firefighters and a pair of misfit soldiers has
allowed them to survive.
Now, with the city virtually overrun, it’s time to strike back!!


By the super team of Simon Bisley and Alan Grant creators of
batman/judge dredd judgment in Gotham, Lobo, Lobos back and Lobo paramilitary Christmas.
Covers by the award winning artist Glenn Fabry and variant covers by the industry’s leading artists.
Issue one variant cover by highly acclaimed veteran zombie artist Vince locke from deadworld and history of violence.

Alan Grant writer

Glenn Fabry cover art

Simon Bisley & Vince Locke variant cover art

Simon Bisley interior art

Andy Brown inker

Adam Brown colorist

Ryan Brown letterer

Berserker Comics concepts